About me​

The thing I love most in the world is going on holidays with my wonderful family. Whether travelling abroad to beautiful sandy beaches, or snuggling up by the fire in the stunning UK countryside, we always have the best time; although I must confess that muddy hikes are not for me!

My friends are an incredibly important part of my life, and our weekends are filled with fruity cocktails and sparkling dance floors. I am also a huge foodie and insist on dragging my boyfriend along to try different restaurants across Birmingham (as long as there is a burger on the menu he is happy).

I find it impossible to be sad when surrounded by sweet little animals. My garden is a very popular restaurant for the local birds who visit everyday for their breakfast, as well as hedgehogs and squirrels. My office overlooks the garden and it is wonderful to watch the many visitors enjoying their food.

I am a lover of all animals, but guinea pigs will always be my favourite. At one time I owned eight of them – thanks to Pixie convincing everybody that he was a girl. Although chaotic, buying three ‘girls’ and getting five surprise babies for free was quite the bargain, and caring for them their entire lives was an incredible privilege.


Master of Arts – Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – English and Creative Writing

Mentored by Joanna Prior, during her time as Managing Director of Penguin General